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Monro Auto Electrics fit a variety of cameras to all types of vehicles from cars to cranes.

Witness Cameras

Get a witness camera installed to protect you and your insurance. If you have a witness camera installed you have the evidence needed to prove who was at fault in a car incident.

Witness Cameras can be installed pointing forward or backwards to give full coverage of your vehicle.

Reverse Cameras

Reverse cameras allow you to view behind you when trying to park to make parking easier and to minimise the chance of damage to your vehicle.

The cameras can either be wired up into a dedicated screen, a new radio or some OE radios.

These cameras can also be set up to be constantly on to be used as a rearview mirror for motorhomes, lorries or any vehicle with reduced rear window viewing.

360° View Cameras

These cameras are designed to be used in large commercial vehicles. This set up includes using multiple cameras around your vehicle to give a full 360 birds-eye view of your vehicle. This allows you to have zero blind spots around your vehicle and therefore allowing you to drive around the tight street with confidence.

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